Bishop's Gin
Bishop's Gin,
Drink differently

Bishop’s Gin is full of natural ingredients to deliver the exceptional London Dry. It comprises nine of the finest botanicals including the subtle, peppery nasturtium flower. It beautifully balances juniper with citrus, spicy and sweet notes - sweeping the tongue with sweet liquorice before a burst of fresh, tangy lemon and juniper excite the taste buds. The light peppery nasturtium flower combines with almonds for a truly delicate sweet finish.

This marriage of spicy and floral flavours makes Bishop’s Gin wonderfully versatile. Its distinct quality means it is marvellous when savoured on its own but also deliciously responsive to cocktails.

Created in Belgium, Made in England

Bishop's Gin Belgian Chocolate
Bishop's Gin Belgian chocolate
Limited edition

The Belgian Chocolate Edition is a nod to the tradition of Belgian Chocolate in a 50cl bottle. Crafted with a blend of dried and lightly roasted cocoa beans from the region of Tabasco in Mexico, it highlights the vegetal notes of Mexican cocoa and the unique expertise of the Belgian chocolate masters with the complex flavours of the Bishop's Gin London Dry.

The sublime peppery notes of the nasturtium combine perfectly with Mexican cocoa and Belgian artisan butter, creating a unique gourmet experience. The fresh, vegetal notes of the cacao beans express themselves first, followed by the subtle, welcome roundness of the Belgian butter. After a few seconds, the notes of the nasturtium spices, almond and liquorice appear. On the whole there is an impression of unity, a roundness reminiscent of the best Belgian chocolates.

cacao chocolate
Bishop's Gin Marmalade
Orange is the new gin
Limited edition

The edition of the Bishop’s Marmalade Gin is an artisanal tribute to the craftsmanship of British savoir-faire.

Infused with traditionally made, organic orange marmalade, it embodies in a 50 cl bottle the ethos of Ponet Spirits, Artisan Spirit Makers.

On the nose, an impression of sweetness dominates, reminiscent of the delicacy of candied oranges. The fat, almost resinous gin dances with the delicacy of the Sicilian orange.

On the palate the slowly candied orange becomes obvious.
The subtle pepperiness of the Bishop’s Gin, ignites this unique meeting between London Dry and marmalade to offer us a unique liquor.

Oranges Marmalade